Home Study Program

Home Study Information Guidelines
Each week set some time aside for your child to complete the chapters and activity book.  A calendar is enclosed to ensure that your child will stay up to date. It is also available on our website at www.stelizabethavon.com

If your child has difficulty with any of the activities in his/her chapter, skip over it and e-mail me at financeadmin@verizon.net.  I will provide additional worksheets if necessary. 
Requirements for the Home Study Program:
  • After each chapter your child must complete the unit test.
  • Two exams must be taken, the first mid-way through the program and the second at the end of the program (both open book tests). 
  • The Students must complete and submit their completed workbook (We Believe Series – Review & Resource Book) by the end of May.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  If your child’s completed workbook is not returned to the rectory they will not advance to the next grade level.
  • Please keep in mind that homework must be completed by the student and the student only.  You of course may assist your child, but the written work must be completed by the child.  Workbook pages that are completed by the parent will not be accepted.
This program is designed to work with parents/guardians who have a conflict with our schedule and do not want to leave the St. Elizabeth of Hungary program. If you have any questions regarding this program please do not hesitate to call me at 732-774-4089 ext. 205.
Carol Freda
Religious Education Coordinator

 click here for Grade 3 Work Sheet |  click here for Grade 3 Mid-Term
 click here for Grade 4 Work Sheet |  click here for Grade 4 Mid-Term
 click here for Grade 5 Work Sheet |  click here for Grade 5 Mid-Term
 click here for Grade 6 Work Sheet |  click here for Grade 6 Mid-Term