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Program Summary: Registration in our program assumes a commitment to your child’s religious education—not just on our part—but yours, as parents, as well.  Regular class and Mass attendance is expected because they are equally imperative to your child’s religious education. Our catechists can’t share their faith knowledge if the student is not present and without the actual practice of the faith (attendance at Mass) the student will see little point to the class. Our classroom program is meant to enhance, not replace the practice of our faith!  We will provide a yearly calendar of class meetings so that your child’s appointments may be conveniently scheduled around class times. This will be mailed out in July.  Please remember that progression in our program is not automatic and is dependent upon both regular attendance and participation.

Because we assume religious education to be continuous from first through eighth grade, all student exceptions to this will be evaluated and placed accordingly.  If your family has any special needs, we will do our best to accommodate your child. 

If you have any questions regarding this program please do not hesitate to call me at 732-774-4089 ext. 205.
Carol Freda
Religious Education Coordinator  

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