Marriage Guidelines

The Sacrament of Marriage requires a time of spiritual preparation. The Church sees marriage in one’s own parish as the most proper arrangement; therefore, people who reside in St. Elizabeth of Hungary boundaries (see below) have a right to be married here. Those planning marriage should notify the Rectory at least one year in advance. The bride/groom or their parents must be registered in the parish for at least one year and be practicing his or her faith regularly before contacting the rectory to make wedding arrangements. Never schedule a reception before contacting the Church.
The following is the policy of St. Elizabeth of Hungary regarding the Sacrament of Marriage:
To be married here at St. Elizabeth of Hungary you must meet one of the following:
  • Live within the boundaries of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (see below).
  • Is the child of active registered parishioners (who have been registered for at least one year)
  • Is a registered parishioner who practices his/her faith regularly for at least ONE year before calling to make wedding arrangements.
Weddings are not scheduled on Sunday. St. Elizabeth is in accordance with The Common Policy of Marriage adopted by the Bishops of New Jersey. All couples without exception must attend either Pre-Cana Conferences or an Engaged Encounter Experience. A certificate from one of these sessions must be presented to the priest or deacon preparing you for marriage. Pre-Cana and Engaged Encounter schedules are available on the Diocesan web site
Boundaries of St. Elizabeth (Avon-by-the-Sea and Neptune City):
East: Start at the Northeast end of Sylvan Lake and Atlantic Ocean. Going South on the Coastal Line of Avon and Atlantic Ocean to Shark River Inlet.
South: West following Shark River Inlet around Shark River, Avon, Neptune, Neptune City to the bridge at Tucker Drive. Northeast on Tucker Drive to Sylvania Avenue.
West: Northwest on Sylvania Avenue to Springdale Ave. (non-through streets)
North: Springdale Avenue, Neptune City to Evergreen Avenue (Via Summerland and Prospect), to Main St. South on Main St. to Sylvan Lake. East following Sylvan Lake to the Beginning.
Once you call and register for marriage the Priest or Deacon will call you and set up a meeting and give more information.