Music Ministry


Music Director: Mrs. Donna Madden at 732-223-6998
Music is an integral part of our worship assisting people in communal prayer. When we worship in sung prayer we gather together and become one body under Christ. The primary focus of music ministry is to engage the assembly in participation of worship to God. We welcome and encourage our parishioners to be part of our growing music program in joining or assisting the Youth Choir, Adult Choir and also Cantor Ministry. Come and be part of a great team that inspires the word of God through sung prayer and will be a great reward to the up-lifting of your own soul.
Children’s Choir
Children must be able to read and sing in order to be members. Sing at 10:00AM Mass on Sundays, assist at other Parish functions along with the Adult Choir. Practice: Sunday morning at the 10:00AM Mass.
Adults’ Choir
Sing at 11:30AM Mass and all other special Parish Liturgical Celebrations, such as Christmas Eve, Holy Week, Parish Missions, First Communions and Confirmations.
Practice: Thursday evenings at 7:00PM (Mandatory).